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CanBiocin Receives Patent for its Innovative Wolf-Derived Probiotic for Dogs


Isolated from wolves in a pristine Canadian wilderness environment, a unique new product to support gastrointestinal health in dogs


CanBiocin, creators of species-specific probiotics to support companion animal wellness, vitality and longevity, has received a North American patent for their unique wolf-based probiotic for dogs. CanBiocin’s Probiotic Bacteria Isolated from Wolves and Related Compositions and Methods is a pioneering product that aims to enhance the overall health and well-being of canine companions by promoting a balanced and robust gut microbiome.

“Species-specific probiotics are key functional ingredients which enhance animal wellness, vitality and longevity,” says CEO, Dr. J.F. (Jake) Burlet. “Probiotics are beneficial bacteria which can improve digestion, reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract, stimulate the immune system and strengthen the intestinal barrier.”  

 “Our newest patent is a result of years of dedicated research and development by our team of experienced scientists,” states Dr. Burlet.  “As a trusted B2B supplier to leading animal wellness brands, we are committed to advancing pet health with science-based solutions.”


CanBiocin is also extending the functionality of its wolf and other commercially available strains through a patented microencapsulation technology which improves survivability during heat intensive manufacturing processes and allows such unique bioactives to be used in a broader range of formulations.


Pet food and treat manufacturers seeking innovative, science-based pre-, post- and probiotics can visit for more information and to contact a CanBiocin representative.


About CanBiocin

CanBiocin is a global leader in species-specific companion animal and livestock probiotic development. With a mission to build health from the inside out, the company’s B2B customers are leading animal wellness companies which focus on overall microbiome health to support animal wellness, vitality and productivity.  CanBiocin premium probiotic lines help animal wellness companies meet their customers’ needs to care for their pets as integral members of their families and deserving of the same attention and investment in their health and wellness. 

Media Inquiries

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