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Species-Specific Probiotics

Species - Specific Probiotics

To Support Companion Animal Pet and Livestock Overall Health

Species-Specific Probiotics are “good bacteria” that have been isolated from a healthy, specific host like a dog or a cat. The diverse microbial population present in each of these hosts can differ dramatically due to having different basal body temperatures, dietary habits, and immune systems. This in turn favors a unique microbial community that is specifically able to survive and proliferate within its host’s gut. The bacteria present in this gut microbiome are host-optimized thereby making them ideal candidates for Species-Specific Probiotics.

Our R&D team has spent countless hours isolating and testing each of our "patent pending" species-specific probiotic strains to ensure they offer the highest contribution to animal health.  All probiotic strains in our heritage and ancestral lines are proven to show the following characteristics:

  • Free of antibiotic resistance genes as well as virulence genes

  • Ability to survive through the GI tract. 

  • Able to adhere to the intestinal cell lining.

  • Produce postbiotic metabolites that strengthen the animal’s gut epithelial barrier.

  • Exhibit immunological protection to the host through the regulation, stimulation, and modulation of immune responses.


Contact us to find out how CanBiocin's probiotic products can help with animal health and wellness.

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