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CanBiocin Microencapsulated Probiotics
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Patented Microencapsulation Technology

Microencapsulation of probiotics for animals involves encapsulating live probiotic microorganisms within protective coatings to enhance their stability, viability, and targeted delivery. This process offers several benefits, particularly when integrating probiotics into animal feed or supplements. 

Extrusion Stable - Water Activity Tolerant

CanBiocin's patented microencapsulation technology offers protection against heat processing methods and high water activity environments.  Parameters tested by leading industry partners to date:

CanBiocin Microencapsulated Probiotics Processing Parameters
CanBiocin Microencapsulated Probiotics Processing Parameters


Probiotics are able to remain microencapsulated throughout the digestion process (mouth, stomach) ensuring they reach the intestine for adherence, colonization and proliferation.

Microencapsulated Probiotics Bioavailability

Customizable Formulation

All of CanBiocin's probiotic strains can be encapsulated to create tailored formulations to support gut health, immune function, and overall well-being in animals.

Contact us to find out how CanBiocin's microencapsulation technology can be incorporated into your brand's pet treats, food and supplements.

Contact us to find out how CanBiocin's probiotic products can help with animal health and wellness.

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