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Probiotics and Kibble
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Customized Solutions For Your Brand

We offer product development and packaging for both companion animal and livestock products containing our species-specific probiotics, backed by extensive research and safety data. Inquire about our large variety of premium packaging options to set your product apart in the marketplace.

Probiotic Blend Co-Packing Options

Companion Animal Options:


Incorporate CanBiocin probiotic-prebiotic premix into your pet food, frozen meals, cold processed treats, and liquid supplements during the manufacturing process.

Soft Chew Treats


Coat CanBiocin  probiotics on the surface of kibble or treats via tumbler mixing or surface spray application.



Use as a top-dress supplement for pet food.


Livestock Options:


Incorporate CanBiocin's probiotic-prebiotic premix into livestock feeds during the manufacturing process.

Incorporate CanBiocin probiotic blends into the water supply for production livestock.

Animal Feed


Use CanBiocin's probiotic-prebiotic blends as a feed supplement for production livestock.


Contact us to find out how CanBiocin's probiotic products can help with animal health and wellness.

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