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Probiotic Trifecta Approach
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CanBiocin's "Trifecta" Approach

CanBiocin Trifecta Solution


Prebiotics are ingredients that provide nutrition to support the growth and activity of probiotics in the animal gut. 

This is why our team only sources the best prebiotic ingredients for use in our blends. We use natural, non-GMO prebiotics resulting in a high-quality product.

Prebiotic fibers that support growth of good bacteria in the gut

Rich in fatty acids

(Omega 3)

Immune stimulating activities

Restores balance in the gut microbiome, anti-inflammatory


Species-Specific Probiotics

The probiotics in our heritage and ancestral lines have been isolated from their host species*. They are subjected to an extensive scientific assessment to confirm their functionality as probiotics and must meet the following criteria including but not limited to:

  • Improve the epithelial barrier of the gut

  • Increase adhesion to intestinal mucosa

  • Reduce luminal pH

  • Competitive exclusion of pathogens

  • Production of anti-bacterial substances (postbiotic metabolites)

  • Production of beneficial short chain fatty acids (postbiotic metabolites)

  • Immuno-modulation

All of our Species-Specific Probiotics are produced in an FDA registered facility to meet the highest standards and are recognized by Health Canada under the Veterinary Health Products program.

* All probiotic strains from our heritage line were isolated from freshly voided faeces of healthy animal donors, which are family-owned, without symptoms of illness, without taking antibiotics or probiotics, for at least 30 days prior to faeces collection for lactic acid bacteria strain isolation. 

*All probiotic strains from our ancestral line were isolated from freshly voided faeces of free ranging animals, which reside in Canadian National Parks, without known health conditions.


Postbiotic Metabolites

Postbiotic Metabolites are produced by prebiotic and species-specific probiotic activity in the intestine. Produced metabolites include short chain fatty acids, bacteriocins, enzymes and carbon substances.

A balanced gut microbiome helps bolster the immune system in companion animals/pets and in livestock, reducing the use of antibiotics. To achieve optimal microbiome support, our team has adopted a "Trifecta" approach (Prebiotics, Species-Specific Probiotics and Postbiotic Metabolites) to build the right products for animal health. 

Contact us to find out how CanBiocin's probiotic products can help with animal health and wellness.

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