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News Releases

March 15th, 2023

CanBiocin granted sole license for patented micro-encapsulation technology.

Micro-encapsulation patented process instrumental for protecting heat sensitive bioactive materials.


Edmonton AM with Mark Connolly: April 11th, 2023

The University of Alberta's Health Innovation Hub is an incubator to help commercialize health and science discoveries at the university. CanBiocin is a company which develops probiotics for animals. The direction of the company was set during a brain storming session among the founders, all of whom were pet owners. CEO Jake Burlet, who is a veterinarian, explains how that discussion led to a new direction for the company.

Jake CBC Edmonton Radio Interview - April 11 2023
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Check out our latest video in which we delve further into CanBiocin's mission and values to improve the health of animals.

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