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Building gut health through the Microbiome.

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We build animal health by providing innovative, 100% natural,

Species-Specific Probiotics to pet food & livestock feed manufacturers. The Probiotics we offer have been isolated from their host species and tested to optimize their contribution to overall animal health. 


We help animal wellness companies launch

proprietary nutritional products, using Species-Specific Probiotics, to profitably extend their brands. 


Why Our

Fully patented and

100% natural probiotics.

Our Probiotics meet the highest standards and are recognized by Health Canada under the

Veterinary Health Products program. 

We are a

ISO 17025 accredited



Our Probiotics Support the Microbiome

Species-Specific Probiotics 

can help balance the gut Microbiome of pets & livestock and positively impact health. Studies confirm the use of Species-Specific Probiotics support and maintain this gut “ecosystem”

the Microbiome.

Bolster the immune system in pets and
help inhibit pathogen growth in livestock, reducing the use of antibiotics.

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