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CanBiocin's Unique Advantage

CanBiocin offers products with a unique advantage in the marketplace.

  • Re-shaping the future of animal probiotics with innovative thinking

  • Strong commitment to quality assurance and transparency

  • Ever expanding list of well-researched probiotic strains

  • Customized and tailored solutions 


With our strong focus on innovation, scientific expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction, CanBiocin offers wellness companies a unique advantage in the rapidly growing probiotics market.

Innovative Probiotic Solutions

CanBiocin is shaping the future of animal probiotics.

  • Thinking Outside the Box - isolation of probiotic strains from ancestral and primordial sources.

  • Developing Advanced Formulation Techniques - Microencapsulated probiotics. 

Transparency and Quality Assurance

CanBiocin is ISO 17025 accredited. As such, we follow strict audit guidelines for all of our raw material ingredients not only used in the manufacturing of our probiotics but also in our blend formulations. We only source the best natural ingredients that meet our high standards resulting in a high-quality product. 

Well-Researched Probiotic Strains

We are leaders in probiotic research and development.  All of our probiotic strains are subjected to an extensive scientific assessment to confirm their functionality and must meet the following criteria including but not limited to:

  • Improve the epithelial barrier of the gut

  • Increase adhesion to intestinal mucosa

  • Reduce luminal pH

  • Competitive exclusion of pathogens

  • Production of anti-bacterial substances (postbiotic metabolites)

  • Production of beneficial short chain fatty acids (postbiotic metabolites)

  • Immuno-modulation

Customized and Tailored Solutions

CanBiocin recognizes the diverse needs of animals. We are able to develop tailored probiotic solutions for functional support: gut/digestive health, immune health, calming, and overall well-being. 

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