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100% Natural with no added GMO's

Most probiotics currently used in livestock feed manufacturing are of human origin. As probiotic bacteria can evolve host-specific traits, we believe that a species-specific probiotic is a biologically relevant approach for probiotic selection.


At CanBiocin, we offer the ability for you to create your own unique product. We can combine both probiotics and prebiotic mixtures along with bacteriocins. 

Prebiotics are preferred foods that provide nutrition for probiotic bacteria and help keep livestock active.*


*To optimize livestock's overall health, we recommend feeding a prebiotic and probiotic mix daily.


Use of Human Derived Probiotics  v/s Species-Specific Probiotics

used in Livestock Feed/Supplements


Human Derived Probiotics

CanBiocin Species-Specific Probiotics

GI physiology

❌Uncertain ability to adapt to host species-specific GI physiology


Proven palatability, safety and ability to survive gastric digestion, locate in large intestine (adhere and colonize) and proliferate

Dietary habits

Uncertain ability to adapt to host species-specific dietary habits


Proven ability  to "shift" Microbiome microbial populations

Ability to Colonize

❌Uncertain ability to adhere and colonize to host intestinal epithelial cell lining


Proven preferable health effects

  • Increased production of SCFA (short-chain fatty acids)

    • Positive impacts include defense against pathogenic bacteria, reduced infection, reduced inflammation, increase nutrient absorption, immunomodulation

Health effects

❌Unknown health effects


Proven positive effect on gut epithelial barrier function

Immune system


❌Unknown Immune system effects


Proven positive impact on interleukin (cytokine) production which regulates immune response


Add the strength of our probiotics to your livestock feed formulation

We offer


Carnobacterium maltaromaticum

  • Carnobacterium maltaromaticum is a know bacteriocin producer which inhibits pathogen growth (Listeria monocytogenes)


Lactobacillus reuteri, Pediococcus pentosaceus, Pediococcus acidilactici and Enterococcus faecium blend

  • Co-fermented probiotic blend

  • Bacteriocin producers to inhibit the growth of Clostridium perfringens (cause of necrotic enteritis) in production poultry

Probiotic Application Alternatives

Application Method 


Incorporate CanBiocin probiotic-prebiotic premix into livestock feeds during the manufacturing process.


Incorporate CanBiocin probiotic blends into the water supply for production livestock.

Application Method 


CanBiocin probiotic-prebiotic blends as a feed supplement for production livestock.